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But didn’t they interpreted it for us?

Something I never thought to ask back in the day was: how did we get the Bible? Well, some people wrote some stuff, and later in time some other people collected them into a single volume. Fine.  What I’m really … Continue reading

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Don’t need God for morality

Recently at my public library I happened upon Dennis Prager’s book “The Nine Questions People Ask About Judaism.” The first question in that book is, “Can one doubt God’s existence and still be a good Jew?” Prager’s answer is “no.” … Continue reading

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A Scout is *not* trustworthy

I’ve been holding back my reaction to the BSA vote last month because it has been very emotional for me. As I expressed earlier, I was heavily involved in Cub Scouting the last four years and just recently moved up … Continue reading

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Taxes are lower in communist China? Why? That article, and the many like it, did not get nearly the coverage that I expected it to get. It is about the professional boxer Manny Pacquiao refusing to fight again in Las Vegas, and presumably anywhere in the … Continue reading

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The BSA should be forthright

As I stated in a prior post, I was my son’s Cub Scout Den Leader for four Scout years (Wolf, Bear, Webelos I, Webelos II). Very recently we moved up to Boy Scouts. For that reason the present controversy within … Continue reading

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Public servants doing a 180 are an embarrassment to our nation

Preface: I would say the same thing if this were entirely flipped around, so that in 1996 Portman voted for homosexual marriage, and in 2013 turned against it because of son. (That context wouldn’t actually make sense, but, still.) In 1996, … Continue reading

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I hate phony reporting about the Roman Catholic Church

A little late, but, still relevant. Some people think they’re smart, when really they’re actually openly pompous and ignorant. It’s sad when they’re also in a position of influence. I speak of the following news articles. (Robert Marquand, for … Continue reading

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